Jamesbury Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve

High-Performance Butterfly Valves

Series 815/830/860

Series 815/830/860 valves are available in wafer and single-flanged lugged designs for dead-end service for ANSI class 150, 300 and 600 pressure class applications. All available in both Lugged and Wafer style to meet NACE MR0175 and MR0103.

Series 835

Series 835 process-rated ANSI Class 150 high-performance Wafer-Sphere butterfly valves are an excellent, cost-effective solution for shut-off pressures up to 100 psi. The Series 835 provides the same long-lasting tight shut-off capability, excellent flow characteristics and long service life as the fully ANSI-rated Series 815.

Series K815/K830/K860

Series K815/K830/K860 cryogenic designs offer the same features and benefits, and are designed to operate in cryogenic applications such as air separation to -320 ˚F.

Wafer-Sphere Fire-Tite Butterfly Valves

Wafer-Sphere Fire-Tite valves offer outstanding advantages in providing reliable operation in normal service and when fire strikes. Specifically developed for use in such industries as petroleum refining and distribution, chemical, marine and others. The metal seat ring effectively stops flow through the valve if the PTFE seat is destroyed in the fire. Fire-Tite valves meet the requirements of NACE and are qualified to API-607 and ISO fire testing specifications. Available in Series F815, F830, F860 & F835 models for manual or automatic operation.

Special Service Butterfly Valves

High-Cycle Butterfly Valves

Testing indicates that a combination of components — including Xtreme seats, filled enhanced PTFE shaft seals, metal-backed/fabric-lined shaft bearings, PEEK-filled PTFE thrust bearings, and bearing seals – will yield significantly longer life than standard configuration valves.

Steam Service Butterfly Valves

Wafer-Sphere butterfly valves are well-suited for a wide variety of on-off saturated steam applications up to 450 psi.

Chlorine Service

Wafer-Sphere valves are available specially prepared for chlorine service

Oxygen Service Butterfly Valves

A complete line of valves is available for oxygen applications, ranging from air separation to basic oxygen steel furnace systems. To ensure these valves are compatible with oxygen, rigid material cleaning, handling, assembly and packaging procedures are carefully followed.

Vacuum Service Butterfly Valves

The standard Wafer-Sphere valve is capable of vacuum service of 2×10-2 Torr. For high-vacuum service, its specially cleaned seat and packing assure a leakage rate of no more than 1×10-5 standard cc/sec. of helium. When required, valves can be certified with a helium mass spectrometer.

Jacketed Butterfly Valves

Wafer-Sphere high-performance butterfly valves are available with welded or bolt-on jackets.

Hydrogen Peroxide Butterfly Valves

Wafer-Sphere Uniquely designed and prepared to handle the fluid properties of hydrogen peroxide, and keep decomposition to a minimum.

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