Jamesbury Ball Valve

Ball Valve

Flanged Ball Valves

Series 7000 Standard Port And
Series 9000 Full Port Flanged Ball Valves

Series 7000 standard port and Series 9000 full port polymeric-seated flanged ball valves provide high flow capacity for isolation and control applications in industries. These valves offer long-lasting reliable shutoff, and are fire-tested to meet the requirements of ANSI/API-607 and ISO 10497.

Threaded-End Ball Valves

Series 4000 Ball Valve

Series 4000 full and standard bore ball valves offer performance and versatility at an economical cost. Three end connections are available: threaded, socket-weld, and butt-weld. The Fire-Tite version is standard. It is either CWP-rated with cold working pressures of up to 2000 psi (138 bar) or ANSI Class 600 rated up to 1480 psi (102 bar). It can also meet special requirements for oxygen, NACE, and chlorine.

Series 2000 Ball Valve

Clincher® Series 2000 ball valves are rugged high performance ball valves designed to handle an extremely wide variety of liquids, gases, and slurries. These valves are available in brass, carbon, and stainless steel. They can be prepared for special service such as oxygen and high-vacuum.

Value-Line Ball

Valves Series 100 Ball Valve

Series 100 general purpose ball valves feature bubble tight shut-off for industrial and utility services. Ideal for applications where non-relieving seats are acceptable.

Series 5H Ball Valve

The Value-Line Series 5H 1/4” – 2” (DN8-50) threaded ball valve is the right choice for a wide range of high-pressure fluid and gas applications where superior performance and low cost are equally important.

Series 3 Ball Valve

Series 3 ball valves have a 3-piece, threaded or socket-weld body design.

Series 6F Ball Valve

The Series 6F ball valve offers a 2-piece, full port, threaded configuration and 1000 psi pressure rating to make it an ideal choice for applications where tight shut-off and low ∆p are required.

Series 3000 Ball Valve

Series 3000 ball valves are perfect for applications where positive, long-lasting shut-off is required. F

Special Service Ball Valves

FM-Approved Electric Interlocking Valve (FM Figure 1051)

FM-Approved Safety Shut-Off & Vent Valves (FM Figure 1052)

FM-Approved Emergency Shut-Off Heat Activated Valves (FM Figure 1075)

CSA Approved Gas Shut-off & Vent Valves (CSA Figure 1057)

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