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Valve.. Here you have it..!!

Ball Valve

Shutdown Valve

Floating Ball Valve

Trunnion Ball Valve

Top Entry Ball Valve

Forged Steel Ball Valve

Globe Valve

Cast Steel Globe Valve

Bellow Seal Globe Valve

Y Pattern Globe Valve

Forged Steel Globe Valve

Pressure Seal Globe Valve

Gate Valve

Resilient Gate Valve
Cast Steel Gate Valve
Bellow Seal Gate Valve
Forged Steel Gate Valve
Pressure Seal Gate Valve

Control Valve

Electric Control Valve
Pressure Control Valve
Two Way Control Valve
Pneumatic Control Valve
Modulating Control Valve

Check Valve

Lift Check Valve
Disc Check Valve
Wafer Check Valve
Swing Check Valve
Dual Plate Check Valve

Butterfly Valve

Lug Butterfly Valve
Wafer Butterfly Valve
Plastic Butterfly Valve
High Performance Butterfly
Resilient Seat Butterfly Valve

Steam Trap

Bimetalic Steam Trap
Ball Float Steam Trap
Thermostatic Steam Trap
Thermodynamic Steam Trap
Inverted Bucket Steam Trap


Y Strainer
Flat Strainer
Duplex Strainer
Basket Strainer
Temporary Strainer

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