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Water Treatment

For water treatment consists of several physical processes that must be passed through physical, chemical and biological processes depending on the substances contained in the water that will be processed. Inside the factory itself in drinking water treatment, filter plant, seawater desalination plant or pump pump pumping pressure and flow, turn off the water in a targeted way and protect the pump and pipelines. As for the process on clean water we do the work to create the quality of drinking water that meets the requirements.

With our experience in water treatment using instrumentation for level, displacement and pressure – adjusted perfectly, because they know how important it is in the treatment, in addition we provide care-free operation and have accurate measurements for automatic control.

The chemical industry is the highest technology that has the demand to deliver productivity, quality and profitability. Java Instrumentation itself has experience in the field of measurement and has a high-level measurement sensor that can be reliable in the field.

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